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Is it really so that sometimes person has not a desire for having sex? Well, sometimes it is really so. Hard work, naughty children, bossy boss, great deal of work to do - all those reason sometimes cause a feeling of being sick and tired of everything.

But for women of pleasure Gia agency there were no such cases that a man, who had come to them, is bored. Never. Are you going to ask why? Ok, here is the answer: these escort ladies perfectly know the physics of sexual satisfaction.

  1. Sex is the perfect way to get rid of routine and problems. For example, if you are depressed and all over with your head in problems, and at the same time you suppose that it’s not time for having a date with the lady of our agency - let us assure you that you are mistaken. Our girls will help you to relax and spread away your negative thoughts. A delightful «drunkness» condition after your orgasm may last up to 5 hours, and oxytocin hormone is responsible for that.
    When having sex with the girls of Gia agency, you can forget about problems. When you are upset about something, your mood level is close to zero, then sex may become a treating agent against such condition.
  2. Male hormone, which is in the semen, - prostaglandin - helps to activate hormones in the fair sex. Everything that happens in the body during sex, of course only improves the mental state.
  3. Prevention of cardiovascular disease. Sex increases levels of the hormone estrogen, contributing to hinder the development of a significant number of diseases related to the heart.
  4. Youth potion. Blunts aging and stress due to the reduction in blood levels of a hormone hydrocortisone.
  5. Helps to lose weight. Hot sex increases metabolic rate as much as that helps to burn more than two hundred calories.
  6. Strengthens love relations with a partner. As if were, but sex is the only and the best way to prevent conflicts. The more lovemaking, the stronger relationship.
  7. Sexual transaction at least once a week helps to increase body's immune system by one third. If there is a regular sex, you can forget about colds. This fact is certainly true and justified!

Now you know why you should have sex with Gia agency escort ladies, and it is obviously not all the profit of sex, because deep we didn’t too deep in that topic. There are a lot more reasons to click on our site and choose a girl you like. Satisfaction, desire, roleplays, shows - all that you can have from or women of pleasure.


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